Sunday, October 7, 2012

Why are men like that??

So I was talking to my friend yesterday. Pretty much she's having the same problems that I first began having with my husband. The only difference between me and her is I simply will not put up with the BS. So she finds out that her husband is constantly constantly texting a female that he works with. Now I don't know about any other lady but for me that shit would not be happening! After the shift is over you and her wouldn't have not a damn thing to talk about. Then the huge kick in the ass is The girl will send texts to my friends husband pretty much saying disrespectful things about her and instead of my friends husband sticking up for her he kind of just laughs or even agrees. Like really what kind of shit is that! Y'all may not be like the best of friends or even on that greatest terms right now. But on the other hand that is still your wife in the mother of your child that is just foul. Now I will admit I may have had a similar problem like that at one point in time. But in the difference between me and her is like I said I don't put up with the bullshit. It wasn't even that it was my husband really it was supposedly a childhood friend of his. But she just texted all the time I didn't like that. So basically I just told her: look he's married back off. And then I checked my man on the situation I'm like I don't appreciate the fact that she is always texting you talking about why your not texting her since we moved back here and etc. So once I let her know and any other possible female who may not have gotten the message that he is now married and mine he got the message and that was that.

You just have to know when and how to shut the situation down. You're a woman all women have intuition so if you think something is going on check up on it. If you find out your hunch is right check your man! If you love him sometimes you gotta fight for him, not always literally. And man my heart was aching for her. She is too damn nice . She's too submissive. That man walks all over her and she pretty much allows it. Couldn't be me! What would you do?

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