Friday, October 5, 2012

Mariposa's Body Reset

So here's the rundown

*AM Formula
You take it as soon as your feet hit the floor in the morning. It helps your intestinal health, and helps with Fat digestion (AWESOME)
following that is the
*Fiber and Prebiotic Blend
The taste wasn't so bad but it wasn't so good either. This pretty much aides in digestion of food and I guess make you go poop??? We'll see what happens...
Then you don't take anything again until dinner time or 7PM
*7PM Formula Packets
This packet is supposed to again help with digestion annnnd cleanse your liver and help with blood circulation annnnd it promotes kidney health. Not bad for just a few pills
7 Probiotic-A Capsules
This one has me stomped I'll have to do more research I guess but this one says its to help the body's natural flora....Umm??? *crickets* Ok...

But anyhoots this is pretty much what the next seven days are looking like for me along with a liquid diet to ensure I get out all those extra tacos my mother in law fed me ~_^

My liquid cleanse/diet may be different from yours but to each his own. Basically what I do is drink lots and lots of lemon water. Love love LOVE lemon water. And being that the PM formula has cayenne pepper in it already I won't really have to torture myself during the day by adding it to my water like a lot of people do when liquid cleansing. So lemon water and meal replacement shakes also Almond milk for when I absolutely need a little variety. So.....there it is. Hopefully by the end of these seven days there'll be way less jiggle. Well in some places >_<

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