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The REAL Story behind D&K PLUS Sample Chapter

Soooo. As mentioned before my first novel D&K is due to be published this Feb. And wow! Who would have thought....I'm feeling hella lucky. But the story is actually based super on fact. So anyway don't judge me cause I won't give a damn anyway and well here goes pt 1.

And heres a sample chapter from D&K....Yay!

While he was driving, Dyce imagined her hot and ready waiting for him. Little did he know that Kim was ready to light into his ass the moment he walked through the door.
“Hey ma-”
“What the fuck is this, Dyce?” Kim stood with one hand on her hip and the other held out the baggie. Dyce was dumbfounded. What the hell is that doing in here?
“It’s cocaine baby.” He sat on the couch. It was no use in lying. Kim wasn’t stupid.
“Glad you didn’t lie about it. Why didn’t you tell me about this?” She had tears of anger in her eyes.
“Kimori, if I had told you, would you have ever fucked with me?”
“Hell no!” She tossed the bag on the table.
“Exactly! Mami, from the moment I saw you, I knew I wanted to be with you. So I had to lie to you.”
“Save it, Dyce! Do you not know or care that being with you is dangerous?”
“Kimori, please.” Dyce pleaded just as someone knocked on the door.
“Dyce, man open up!” Trey said with urgency.
“Man, now isn’t a good time.” Dyce opened the door to see his friend holding Kaila.
“They took mommy!” Kaila cried.
“What?” Dyce took his daughter.
“They got Lisa man, Duke took her.”
“I saw them take her. Mommy made me hide in the closet but I saw them.” Kaila clung onto her father.
            Kim stood motionless as she watched. She felt so out of place amongst the chaos. Is this what my life is gonna be like from now on, she wondered.
“Mira baby, mira. Daddy’s going to get your mommy back okay? But for now you’re going to stay with Ms. Kim.” He pointed at Kim, who smiled despite feeling like she wanted to vomit. Dyce sat Kaila on the sofa then pulled Kim aside into the bedroom.
“Dyce what on earth-” She began.
“Mami look, shit is crazy right now, okay? Me and this guy been beefin’ for a minute. So you and Kaila are going to Wilmington for a bit okay?” He held her and stared into her eyes.             “Dyce I-” Kim burst into tears. All the drama was new and frightening to her. The last thing she wanted was to fall in love just for it to end over a kidnapped ex.
“Baby don’t cry. I’ll be okay and you will too. I love you, mami.”
            Kim nearly lost it, that was the first time he said I love you.
“I love you, too. Make sure you come back to me okay?” Kim’s heart melted.
“Claro que si. Now get going mami.” He kissed her goodbye.

             The ride to Wilmington was awkward. Kaila just stared at Kim and clutched her doll most of the way.
“Are you Daddy’s girlfriend?” Finally the little girl broke the silence.
“Tu eres muy bonita.”
“Gracias, y tu tambiĆ©n.” Kim smiled.
“Are you a geisha? You look like one.” Kaila yawned.
“No.” That made Kim laugh.
“Oh. When is Daddy going to get Mommy? You’re nice. Daddy gave you this?”  
            Kim smiled, she was happy that Kaila was now comfortable with her. She talked and talked. Kim loved her cute little voice. Kaila fell asleep by the time they got to the Sheraton. Kim felt so…maternally in sync as she carried Kaila to their suite. People in the lobby ooh-ed and ahh-ed at Kaila as they passed, telling Kim how beautiful her daughter was.
            Meanwhile back in Jacksonville, Dyce called a meeting at his house. Flat out Duke and his entire crew were going down. Only Dyce’s top goons would do the killing, because Dyce wanted it done brutally, but clean. Nothing left behind. His newer, sloppier recruits would be going out to get information on Duke and his partner Slim.
“And you know my only rule. Leave women and children out of it. I’m not saying if one of his bitches try to bust at you don’t kill her, shit by all means. Other than that, leave ‘em alone. Aite?” Dyce looked around to see if he was heard. “Okay then.” He dismissed everyone.
“Where’s Kim and Kaila?” Trey asked as he and Dyce walked down into the basement.
“Oh. This is gonna be easy. Duke is just a lil’ nigga wit’ a big mouth.” Trey walked around the bar and grabbed a bottle of Skyy.
“I know. If that nigga is as stupid as I think he is, I’ll have Lisa by the end of tonight.” Dyce smirked.
            Later on that night while he and Trey were out checking up on things, one of Dyce’s goons confirmed he was right. Dyce smirked and chuckled. Little loudmouth fools always talk too much. In that short amount of time, they had gotten all the information they needed. So once 3 a.m. rolled around, Dyce and Trey were out front of Duke’s baby mama’s crib. Duke and his crew had gone to a local club and were bragging about how they had finally touched the untouchable through Lisa. Little did they know, Lisa and Dyce had been done for years now.
“Damn, do we have to go get her?” Dyce paused.
“You fucked up man.” Trey laughed.
            As predicted, Lisa was in the basement tied up. Nene, Duke’s girl, and her friends had been instructed to beat up Lisa and toss her in the basement. The girls had gone above and beyond their instructions. Not only did they beat up Lisa, but afterwards they literally sent her flying down the basement steps. Lisa couldn’t wait to get free.
            Duke was truly slipping. He just assumed no one would think to check Nene’s for Lisa. So Nene was alone with nothing but a pit bull, which Trey quickly silenced upon entering.
“Surprise bitch!” Lisa woke Nene with a punch to the face.
“You dumb white bitch!” Nene held her mouth and tried to swing back, but Lisa got the best of her and jumped on her and started wailing on her face.
“Alright, alright. Go get in the car.” Dyce snatched up Lisa and rolled his eyes.
“Thank you!” Lisa snatched the gold locket from around Nene’s neck.
“You better watch your back, hoe.” Nene warned as Lisa walked out. Lisa turned around and started to curse her out, but Dyce interrupted. He was around her for two minutes and already she was getting on his nerves.
“Lisa!” He snapped and pointed to the door. Lisa slung her hair over her shoulder and retreated out past Trey who was rambling through Nene’s things.
“Check this out mama,” Dyce sat on the foot of the bed. “Tell your boy to keep his eyes open. Make sure you get all you can from him now, he won’t be around much longer.” Dyce winked, and then left.
            During the next few days, Dyce and his crew wreaked havoc on Duke’s spots. As soon as Duke’s crew realized that it was Dyce’s men running up in their spot, most of the time, they just gave up. Duke’s micro empire was falling like dominos under Dyce’s command. Duke didn’t know what moves to make anymore. Dyce had him beyond shook as he proved just how easily he could get at him. Then just as quickly as all the assaults started, they stopped. Dyce fell back for a few days to let Duke’s mind wander.
            Dyce really wanted to call and talk to Kim and Kaila, but during times like these that was never a good choice. He didn’t want to somehow put them in danger by talking around the wrong people, or be distracted by them and endangering his own life. He smiled as he looked at pictures of Kim on his phone.
“Hey.” Lisa came into his room.
“What do you want? It’s one in the morning.” Dyce’s smile faded.
“I miss you, and,” She sat in his lap. “I wanted to thank you for saving me.” She slid off his lap and got in between his legs on the floor.
“Lisa, what the fuck you doing?! Stop!” He pushed her away as she reached for his belt buckle.
“Dyce, you know you want me.” Lisa opened her robe and let it fall to the floor.
“Bitch! Don’t think for one second I forgot how you tried to set me up. The only reason your money hungry ass is still breathing is because of Kaila. Get the fuck outta my room.” Dyce shoved her away.
“Fuck you, Dyce!”
“I know you want to, but that’s Kim’s job now.” He smirked.
“She can’t handle this better than me.” Lisa rubbed her hand against him and nibbled on his ear. She knew that used to drive him crazy. Once again, she slid down to her knees.
“You know it is true what they say about white chicks. Ya’ll are quick to give head.” Dyce laughed. “Get the hell outta here with that.”

            Duke was completely caught off guard as Trey and Dyce kicked open his bedroom door. His eyes were closed as he gripped his girl’s hips as she rode him.
“Get the fuck outta here.” Trey tossed the girl out of the way.
“What’s hood Duke?” Dyce sat on the foot of the bed and watched Duke tremble. “Look, I’m just gonna get right to it. You fucked up big time, bro. I could care less that you kidnapped Lisa, but you scared my daughter.”
While Dyce was talking, he looked into the mirror on the headboard and saw the girl trying to sneak up holding a shotgun. Before she could even get into the room, Trey slumped her. Duke jumped.
“Stop shaking, you lil’ bitch!” Trey spat at him.
“50% of everything you make comes to me. Understand? We’re business partners now. Don’t mess up a good thing. I don’t want to ever have to come look for you.” Dyce stood about to leave, but then paused by the door. “Big brother know that you was fucking his girl? Good luck explaining this to him.”
            Duke threw up all over the floor once Dyce left. He thought his heart would burst from his chest he was so scared. He couldn’t believe Dyce had found him, and on top of that Gina was dead. How was he going to explain it to his brother what she was doing over there anyway?

*Besitos* ^_~

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