Thursday, November 22, 2012

OOh snap Mama D throwing shade at Erica

A few days ago Lil Scrappy posted the infamous "Struggle" meal

Apparently the Queen of the palace (true queen) thought Erica needs to step her game up too today she took to Instagram saying:  Dinner from the Queen. Really @reallilscrappy this is a true plate from the palace. @msericadixon @reallilscrappy happy thanksgiving from tha Real Queen Momma Dee. #andindatorder


Mommy Advice Plz and Thanks ^_~

First off happy thanksgiving to whoever is reading this!! Gobble till ya wobble!

But anyway to the point of the blog:

    My daughter is 19 months and she still has a very limited vocabulary. And even the things that she says aren't completely clear. Is this normal? I mean my mom is always telling me how I was doing all this craziness by two and my daughter is quickly approaching what's the dealio??

First is this normal?? Second, is there a way I can get her to talk even more? I've tried telling her the names of foods and telling her step by step what I'm doing and all that jazz. I mean if I tell her : Go to your room, go to your bed, sit down and etc she understands and she'll do it. She just won't talk back to me =/ Moms gimme some help here will ya?



Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hold up! (Rant Time!)

So the lil chickadee that I made the vid about asking ppl what they thought seemed to grow some balls and confront her husband. For those who didn't see the video it went down asi, My friend kept busting her husband talking to this chick that he works with and he refused to stop. Its like he was blatantly disrespecting his wife by flirting with this girl. Fast forward to last night>>>>>So my friend confronts his FINALLY and he said "Fine I'll stop, but I'm going to tell my friend about his wife." 


Tell my husband what?! Boy bye!Last time I checked my husband and I were like I Love Lucy 5.0. So really there isn't a damn thing that we haven't checked each other on. If you want your marriage to survive that's what you gotta do. No game playing over this way. But the haters are gonna hate I guess. I say that because its like their relationship is the total opposite of ours. 

1: They live more like roommates than husband and wife. 
        *They live BEYOND crowded with his mom, brother, and sisters because mama's boy refuses to move into a place with just his wife. The brother and his friends even sleep in the bed with (we'll give them code names) Candy and Rick. Not to mention the husband hangs out with little boys all the damn time. So really if I wanted to I could be a total bitch and report to CPS how he goes and buys beers and crap for his lil 15 year old brother and how him and the friends are over there getting blazed out of their minds. (Mind you no one but Rick is over the age of 17) But I'm no rat. You wanna kill your brother's liver and lungs have at it jackass.

2: They have no car.....we have two. Yet he refuses to get a better job to at least try and get their car back. Which leads to thing number three>>>

3: They don't have custody of their daughter. I won't be a B and divulge but it isn't their fault. But at the same time its like they have no responsibilities because the state takes care of their child. While on the other hand mine is crawling all over me as we speak.

I've said it once and I'll say it doesn't pay to be friends with weak minded people. Instead of him getting his shit together and not screwing around on his wife he decides he'd rather lie to my hubby about me...Ha!  It'd be different if it were true but no. So that I couldn't let fly. Well of course he changed his mind after I lit into his ass. Basically I was like look handle your shit like a man. Nobody has time for your bullshit ass games and I hope your wife gets the common sense to leave your ass in the trash where you belong! And *boom* Lol. SMH see this is why we need REAL married couples for friends not fake ass miserable couples like Candy and Rick. As of now we are disassociated. Welllll back to my happiness now =) Just had to rant on that unbelievable bs.

*Besitos* ^_~

Monday, November 12, 2012

Yup...That Pisses Me off too!

Thing Number One:
Why does social media/celebrities/whoever the hell else is one our tv pretty much send out the message that the whiter the skin the better? That's kind of effed up if you ask me. Ok I can see if you want an even skin tone but trying to go one race lighter........the f**k you mean?

 She looks like a white woman! The heck Bey?

Seriously even dudes...sad thing going on here folks. 

But the picture above can also happen to you when you strive to be something you're not. 
That isn't a message I want to be sent to someone like my little sister (she's 12) or even my daughter one day. Pretty jacked up that a lot of people feel inadequate because they're chocolatey or caramel colored. Hmph! Not me I love being a chocolate bunny  ^_~

Thing Number 2:
Teen pregnancy not at all being looked down on by society. Ok call me an asshole but what in the hell is going on with everyone. How do you see a 15 year old pregnant and you smile and congratulate her? It should be more like "What the hell are you thinking?! Do you know how much work is headed your way? Its a baby coming not your gateway to a future dumbass!"

Seriously. This is a whole new conversation that needs to be had with our daughters. I'm 20 and married with a 1 year old and I'm still just getting the swing of things. Imagine how much that's going to suck for someone who hasn't even went to their prom yet? Better yet you probably can't even go to the prom.

So here's a lil PSA to everyone who still needs to raise their hand to go to the bathroom:

And lastly no paragraph for this one, the last thing that I randomly thought of that pissed me off

Ratchet ass ghetto moms. Stop yelling at your kids in the store like they are a stranger in the street, stop letting your lil boogers run around touching everything and breaking shit and expecting ppl to not be pissed, and lastly stop worried about 'doing you' all the damn time. Once you bought another life into this world it was officially no longer about 'doing you' boo-boo.

*Besitos* ^_~