Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Taking a break from writing so....

Here's some funny ex boyfriend crap I found online (inspiration for a scene I was writing )

Haha! Biotch!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

For Us Blog (Health)

This petition relly needs to be signed. Every day we are ingesting a number of things that never should have even made it into our grocery stores in the first place! We shouldn't have to spend an extra hour in the supermarket just reading the ingridients to be sure that within a few months we won't develop cancer. So PLEASE sign the petition and share it <3

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Random fussing and stuff

Today is starting off beyond stressful! For one all my daughter is doing today is crying! I'm about ready to pull my hair out. Surely it can't be just my kid that does this stupid mess. For everything I tell her she cries. Then when she got done eating her French Toast she started just squishing it between her hands. And now even as I'm trying to de-stress by just blogging it out she's climbing all over me like she doesn't have good sense! I swear if ever I had been thinking about going back to work it would be now. But then every time I mention it to my husband he pretty much thinks that doing so would just be money going straight to daycare. Son of a b***h! I can't handle this mess. She is driving me up a damn wall almost literally.

Then on top of that my hubby and I agreed to let one of his co-workers stay here for a few days until his apartment is ready.....For starters I agreed for one damn person to come then at the last minute he throws in "Oh yeah do you mind if my girl chills here while I'm at work?" This ain't no damn daycare! So here comes Ken and Barbie. But the good thing is that when the guys go off to work she's never really here. Kinda rude actually. When she is here she doesn't try to converse or anything she just sits there and wow you pretty much are just gonna sit here and be all weird? Ok buddy. Hurry the hell up with that apartment! Or when she does talk shes like "well don't you ever get bored over here? Just sitting at home all the time?" It's called I don't HAVE to work. Don't get mad at me because my husband is higher ranking than yours. We live in Beeville jackass what the hell do you expect? And on top of that I'm a mother, my kid comes above everything so miss me with that bullshit. And as long as I have a damn good man who is taking care of me and our daughter with extra money to B.S. with hell naw I don't care about being bored for a few hours! Teenagers are so damn annoying....ooh lordy! I tell you I am praying that their apartment is ready today >_< Don't get me wrong I had my daughter at 18 but still my way of thinking was still way more on track than this dummy. Her man's gonna be beating that ass once he finds out she spent up all the money they saved just because she's "bored" lol. Silly silly girl. ;p feels good to rant blog every now and then.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Meet Ms Sarah Dudley....#WeRock

She was born to mixed parents in New Berne, North Carolina in 1868. Her father Edward Dudley was a slave who was freed by his maternal grandfather but in that same year of 1843 he and his mother were sold back into slavery since his grandfather died before they were emancipated.  Sarah had 5 children of her own with her husband Charles Pettey and died 6 years after him in 1906 at the age of 37. She went to various schools as she grew up and became a teacher afterwards. She was outspoken on female equality with men and believed that women were important for people of color who were seeking equality. When she spoke to audiences with her husband who was a bishop in the AME Zion Church she apparently read papers she wrote up and recited to these audiences which were titled  "Woman the Equal of Man" and "Woman's Suffrage". 

Now here's a little something for us. Be sure to share it with a younger sister. I'm sure its something she needs to hear: 

Meet Sarah

My fave excerpts: 

To meet this criticism the Negro must establish a character of high morals, which will stand out so conspicuously that even his bitterest foe will acknowledge its reality. In establishing this our women must lead. It must be understood that their virtue is as sacred and as inviolate as the laws of the eternal verities.

 Our young women must be taught that gorgeous dress and fine paraphernalia don't make a woman.

  Woman's power is her love. This pure flame lights up all around her

Now go read the article! Lol
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Sunday, October 21, 2012


When I saw the posting for the 2012 Black Girls Rock show I figured it would be a great time for us all to get together and chit chat it out
-Talk about the show
-Talk about how strong us women are
-Grow our bond as black women
-Most importantly take some time to reflect on our true values

In this day in age sometimes its easy to forget just who you are and what you stand for =/ So join us November 4th to talk it out during the show.

 Still need some motivation?? Welllllll......The boss lady herself Tamika Newhouse will be sponsoring a giveaway to a few lucky winners who will be announced during the show/chat. So hang on in there chicas!

There are quite a few ways you can win
1: Simply agreeing to participate in the event

2: Join our street team!
          E-mail: with Street Team as the subject and I'll give you details

3: Lastly show us your Fresh to Delph Swag
       We're going to host a fresh to "Delph" contest which is basically you showing us how you rock a particular style.

So...that's it.

Give me a follow on twitter @AuthorMariposa or shoot me an email with your questions. ^_~

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Stupid Bitches With Kids....Abuse or No??

Dumb Broad with Little Girl

FIRST click that link up there and watch the video......

Now I can't be the only person who finds something wrong with this.  The comments pissed me off more than the video. The girl is scared half to death of being in the water but that ratchet hoe thinks its funny and intentionally dips her to scare her. Then has the nerve to be like "Shut the fuck up" what?! Then she threw water in her face to keep her from crying. Lord I want to beat that idiots ass!

1 It would be different if that dumbass was actually playing around with the baby but no you cold tell she was doing it to be malicious!

2 There were other people around and still NO ONE seemed to be bothered by what was going on?? What the hell type of ghetto community are they living in?

3 Instead of recording it and laughing he could have at least said ok thats enough but no.....

4 If she does that and talks to that little girl like that in public imagine what she does when they are behind closed doors.....

I really hope that the little girl's mother sees this video and isn't as stupid as the people in the video. Couldn't be me! I wish I would have my child around some ratchet chick like that. She would truly be missing a row of teeth for talking to MY child like that! But anyway Abuse or Not???

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The REAL Story behind D&K PLUS Sample Chapter

Soooo. As mentioned before my first novel D&K is due to be published this Feb. And wow! Who would have thought....I'm feeling hella lucky. But the story is actually based super on fact. So anyway don't judge me cause I won't give a damn anyway and well here goes pt 1.

And heres a sample chapter from D&K....Yay!

While he was driving, Dyce imagined her hot and ready waiting for him. Little did he know that Kim was ready to light into his ass the moment he walked through the door.
“Hey ma-”
“What the fuck is this, Dyce?” Kim stood with one hand on her hip and the other held out the baggie. Dyce was dumbfounded. What the hell is that doing in here?
“It’s cocaine baby.” He sat on the couch. It was no use in lying. Kim wasn’t stupid.
“Glad you didn’t lie about it. Why didn’t you tell me about this?” She had tears of anger in her eyes.
“Kimori, if I had told you, would you have ever fucked with me?”
“Hell no!” She tossed the bag on the table.
“Exactly! Mami, from the moment I saw you, I knew I wanted to be with you. So I had to lie to you.”
“Save it, Dyce! Do you not know or care that being with you is dangerous?”
“Kimori, please.” Dyce pleaded just as someone knocked on the door.
“Dyce, man open up!” Trey said with urgency.
“Man, now isn’t a good time.” Dyce opened the door to see his friend holding Kaila.
“They took mommy!” Kaila cried.
“What?” Dyce took his daughter.
“They got Lisa man, Duke took her.”
“I saw them take her. Mommy made me hide in the closet but I saw them.” Kaila clung onto her father.
            Kim stood motionless as she watched. She felt so out of place amongst the chaos. Is this what my life is gonna be like from now on, she wondered.
“Mira baby, mira. Daddy’s going to get your mommy back okay? But for now you’re going to stay with Ms. Kim.” He pointed at Kim, who smiled despite feeling like she wanted to vomit. Dyce sat Kaila on the sofa then pulled Kim aside into the bedroom.
“Dyce what on earth-” She began.
“Mami look, shit is crazy right now, okay? Me and this guy been beefin’ for a minute. So you and Kaila are going to Wilmington for a bit okay?” He held her and stared into her eyes.             “Dyce I-” Kim burst into tears. All the drama was new and frightening to her. The last thing she wanted was to fall in love just for it to end over a kidnapped ex.
“Baby don’t cry. I’ll be okay and you will too. I love you, mami.”
            Kim nearly lost it, that was the first time he said I love you.
“I love you, too. Make sure you come back to me okay?” Kim’s heart melted.
“Claro que si. Now get going mami.” He kissed her goodbye.

             The ride to Wilmington was awkward. Kaila just stared at Kim and clutched her doll most of the way.
“Are you Daddy’s girlfriend?” Finally the little girl broke the silence.
“Tu eres muy bonita.”
“Gracias, y tu tambiĆ©n.” Kim smiled.
“Are you a geisha? You look like one.” Kaila yawned.
“No.” That made Kim laugh.
“Oh. When is Daddy going to get Mommy? You’re nice. Daddy gave you this?”  
            Kim smiled, she was happy that Kaila was now comfortable with her. She talked and talked. Kim loved her cute little voice. Kaila fell asleep by the time they got to the Sheraton. Kim felt so…maternally in sync as she carried Kaila to their suite. People in the lobby ooh-ed and ahh-ed at Kaila as they passed, telling Kim how beautiful her daughter was.
            Meanwhile back in Jacksonville, Dyce called a meeting at his house. Flat out Duke and his entire crew were going down. Only Dyce’s top goons would do the killing, because Dyce wanted it done brutally, but clean. Nothing left behind. His newer, sloppier recruits would be going out to get information on Duke and his partner Slim.
“And you know my only rule. Leave women and children out of it. I’m not saying if one of his bitches try to bust at you don’t kill her, shit by all means. Other than that, leave ‘em alone. Aite?” Dyce looked around to see if he was heard. “Okay then.” He dismissed everyone.
“Where’s Kim and Kaila?” Trey asked as he and Dyce walked down into the basement.
“Oh. This is gonna be easy. Duke is just a lil’ nigga wit’ a big mouth.” Trey walked around the bar and grabbed a bottle of Skyy.
“I know. If that nigga is as stupid as I think he is, I’ll have Lisa by the end of tonight.” Dyce smirked.
            Later on that night while he and Trey were out checking up on things, one of Dyce’s goons confirmed he was right. Dyce smirked and chuckled. Little loudmouth fools always talk too much. In that short amount of time, they had gotten all the information they needed. So once 3 a.m. rolled around, Dyce and Trey were out front of Duke’s baby mama’s crib. Duke and his crew had gone to a local club and were bragging about how they had finally touched the untouchable through Lisa. Little did they know, Lisa and Dyce had been done for years now.
“Damn, do we have to go get her?” Dyce paused.
“You fucked up man.” Trey laughed.
            As predicted, Lisa was in the basement tied up. Nene, Duke’s girl, and her friends had been instructed to beat up Lisa and toss her in the basement. The girls had gone above and beyond their instructions. Not only did they beat up Lisa, but afterwards they literally sent her flying down the basement steps. Lisa couldn’t wait to get free.
            Duke was truly slipping. He just assumed no one would think to check Nene’s for Lisa. So Nene was alone with nothing but a pit bull, which Trey quickly silenced upon entering.
“Surprise bitch!” Lisa woke Nene with a punch to the face.
“You dumb white bitch!” Nene held her mouth and tried to swing back, but Lisa got the best of her and jumped on her and started wailing on her face.
“Alright, alright. Go get in the car.” Dyce snatched up Lisa and rolled his eyes.
“Thank you!” Lisa snatched the gold locket from around Nene’s neck.
“You better watch your back, hoe.” Nene warned as Lisa walked out. Lisa turned around and started to curse her out, but Dyce interrupted. He was around her for two minutes and already she was getting on his nerves.
“Lisa!” He snapped and pointed to the door. Lisa slung her hair over her shoulder and retreated out past Trey who was rambling through Nene’s things.
“Check this out mama,” Dyce sat on the foot of the bed. “Tell your boy to keep his eyes open. Make sure you get all you can from him now, he won’t be around much longer.” Dyce winked, and then left.
            During the next few days, Dyce and his crew wreaked havoc on Duke’s spots. As soon as Duke’s crew realized that it was Dyce’s men running up in their spot, most of the time, they just gave up. Duke’s micro empire was falling like dominos under Dyce’s command. Duke didn’t know what moves to make anymore. Dyce had him beyond shook as he proved just how easily he could get at him. Then just as quickly as all the assaults started, they stopped. Dyce fell back for a few days to let Duke’s mind wander.
            Dyce really wanted to call and talk to Kim and Kaila, but during times like these that was never a good choice. He didn’t want to somehow put them in danger by talking around the wrong people, or be distracted by them and endangering his own life. He smiled as he looked at pictures of Kim on his phone.
“Hey.” Lisa came into his room.
“What do you want? It’s one in the morning.” Dyce’s smile faded.
“I miss you, and,” She sat in his lap. “I wanted to thank you for saving me.” She slid off his lap and got in between his legs on the floor.
“Lisa, what the fuck you doing?! Stop!” He pushed her away as she reached for his belt buckle.
“Dyce, you know you want me.” Lisa opened her robe and let it fall to the floor.
“Bitch! Don’t think for one second I forgot how you tried to set me up. The only reason your money hungry ass is still breathing is because of Kaila. Get the fuck outta my room.” Dyce shoved her away.
“Fuck you, Dyce!”
“I know you want to, but that’s Kim’s job now.” He smirked.
“She can’t handle this better than me.” Lisa rubbed her hand against him and nibbled on his ear. She knew that used to drive him crazy. Once again, she slid down to her knees.
“You know it is true what they say about white chicks. Ya’ll are quick to give head.” Dyce laughed. “Get the hell outta here with that.”

            Duke was completely caught off guard as Trey and Dyce kicked open his bedroom door. His eyes were closed as he gripped his girl’s hips as she rode him.
“Get the fuck outta here.” Trey tossed the girl out of the way.
“What’s hood Duke?” Dyce sat on the foot of the bed and watched Duke tremble. “Look, I’m just gonna get right to it. You fucked up big time, bro. I could care less that you kidnapped Lisa, but you scared my daughter.”
While Dyce was talking, he looked into the mirror on the headboard and saw the girl trying to sneak up holding a shotgun. Before she could even get into the room, Trey slumped her. Duke jumped.
“Stop shaking, you lil’ bitch!” Trey spat at him.
“50% of everything you make comes to me. Understand? We’re business partners now. Don’t mess up a good thing. I don’t want to ever have to come look for you.” Dyce stood about to leave, but then paused by the door. “Big brother know that you was fucking his girl? Good luck explaining this to him.”
            Duke threw up all over the floor once Dyce left. He thought his heart would burst from his chest he was so scared. He couldn’t believe Dyce had found him, and on top of that Gina was dead. How was he going to explain it to his brother what she was doing over there anyway?

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Friday, October 12, 2012

A letter to the lost....from a frustrated friend

Once again yet another teen has killed themselves due to bullying. We as a whole have got to do better. Regardless of how you're feeling or what people say, taking your own life or even the life of the person who is bullying you isn't the answer. I'm personally pleading with every single kid out there who feels like they've reached the end of their rope. Just don't do it! Trust me I've been there too. I've wanted nothing more than all the pain and hurt that I was dealing with at the time to just go away. But I knew that I was put on this earth for something greater. God makes no mistakes. We are all put on this Earth for a reason. You can't miss out on what you were meant to do just because some idiot says things about you. I know you're parents may not agree but every now and then you have to stand your ground and tell em to "Go to hell!" You are so much stronger than you think. Don't let them win by defeating you to that low of a level.  So regardless of if you're different, too smart for them, or simply too unique you are perfect just the way you are and never ever let anyone tell you otherwise, ok? If you've ever felt some kind of way about what someone may have said or done to you I apologize on behalf of whatever idiot has done you wrong. Just please don't make that mistake of robbing the world of the gift of your life. I may be just some stranger but if you need an ear email me, I'll let you vent as long as you need. Or just google no bullying you can find sooo many sources for people to talk to. It will be ok, I promise =)
And if nobody has told you today that they love you today


And for you scum aka bullies you should be beyond ashamed of yourselves. And a little FYI from someone who's grown bullying gets you no where in life later on. If you think that talking about someone or spreading a mean rumor makes you look better think again! Sure your other friends may smile and laugh and maybe even go along with it but at the end of the day they all think you are a lowlife little scum just like I do. So if you are the bully knock it off! It's not funny, its not cool, it won't get you a great job later on in life. You're an animal! Don't take your personal failures and shortcomings out on someone else who in all aspects is better off than you are. Get a life! If anyone is a loser/dork/nerd/wimp/failure its YOU! What makes you think that you're so great that you can talk about anyone else. I guarantee if we took a close look at you we'd find all kinds of messed up things. And then what are you gonna say and do when you bully a kid to the point where they want to die? Saying I'm sorry can't save a life! What will it take to get through to you ignorant people!? Grow up and get a life! 

Mariposa Urbana

 Please share this message on your Facebook, Myspace, Twitter or whatever it is that you use. This message needs to be heard and the hate needs to stop...

Mariposa who?

I still can't believe it! In only four months not only will it be my 2 year anniversary

BUT February 12th my first book will be published via Delphine Publications! WOW!

Annnnnd to top things off I'll be on as a co-host on AAMBC's Season 5 radio show!
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ANNNND I also contribute to  Delphine's Blog

Then to top it off I'm a full time mommy and wifey. Dang! All I have to say is the literary world better not sleep on me. Tamika's slowly but surely opening doors up for me and that's all I need. Once i get my foot all the way in that door there'll be no stopping me.

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So the goal for the remainder of this year and throughout the next is to be the Pitbull of black fiction. Of course it won't be easy due to the fact I have major responsibilities at home buttt I gotta chase the paper ya dig? So for those wondering who is the "Mariposa" chick and blah blah blah. Well there it is is! ^_~ Give me a follow on twitter @AuthorMariposa