Friday, October 12, 2012

Mariposa who?

I still can't believe it! In only four months not only will it be my 2 year anniversary

BUT February 12th my first book will be published via Delphine Publications! WOW!

Annnnnd to top things off I'll be on as a co-host on AAMBC's Season 5 radio show!
Check it out here

ANNNND I also contribute to  Delphine's Blog

Then to top it off I'm a full time mommy and wifey. Dang! All I have to say is the literary world better not sleep on me. Tamika's slowly but surely opening doors up for me and that's all I need. Once i get my foot all the way in that door there'll be no stopping me.

My page on Delphine's site

So the goal for the remainder of this year and throughout the next is to be the Pitbull of black fiction. Of course it won't be easy due to the fact I have major responsibilities at home buttt I gotta chase the paper ya dig? So for those wondering who is the "Mariposa" chick and blah blah blah. Well there it is is! ^_~ Give me a follow on twitter @AuthorMariposa

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