Saturday, June 27, 2015

Lazer Review

Soo....this opens to Major Lazer chilling out to some laid back tunes when out of no where interrupting his peaceful zen zone come zombies bursting through the walls of his place and thankfully in comes penny to blast a path for him to escape with her and Blkmrkt.....come to find out its all being caused by Charlie XCX's character -Lady Vanessa Rothschild who wants to go back in time and create the world in her image. Finding this out, Major Lazer travels back in time to stop her....

 Pretty dope fight sequence happens between Major Lazer and Lady Rothschild as they fight through time...Lost yet?

 haha Thought so catch up on it here : Animation Domination

Kisses to all my Lazers out there <3 


What you Watchin?! (Major Lazer)

I'm sooooo freaking excited. I've officially found my new tv AND music obsession lol. Major Lazer is that ish man. Even my daughter loves the music haha (peep the instagram for videos of her singing @MariposaUrbana ) So if you haven't already check out Major Lazer on FXX Animation Domination on FXX Diplo is genius of the century for this one.

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