Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Love Carousel

I go through my day in a daze
Wondering which set of words or phrase will make you stay
The phone rings, your name is on the screen
Your inner storm is masked by a voice most serene
You have no clue what I know. You don't know what I've seen.

I'm holding back the storm not letting the clouds show
But like verbal vomit it all comes out
Every accusation every lie every doubt
I cry and you scream 
This is NOT the dream you thought it would be 

Whats so wonderful about her that you lie 
How can it be so magic that you're willing to lose you and I
Is she curvier, Is her hair longer? 
Are her breast fuller, is her pussy game stronger?
Who is she and what does she do so much better?
How can you love me yet she writes "Daddy you make it wetter"

You say all of that is in the past 
But these messages were from Friday before last
Now I run. I run away from you. 
I'm hiding far away yet I still don't escape you.

Oh this hurt. It's so deep. 
I cry all night. No eating and no sleep. 
Has she won?
This battle for your love that I didn't even know had begun?

No fuck that! I'm done. I'm leaving for good. 
But when I'm leaving you don't say the things I wish you would. 
No saying baby please stay. No I love you's 
No telling me I'll be lost without you 

Instead you mutter it is what it is
We have no attachment, no house no kids
But that doesn't stop the hurt
Your refusal to fight, pushed me lower than dirt

So finally I leave but the moth in me is drawn to the flame that is you
I break down and you tell me just what I want to hear like you always do,
Shit. I'm here again looking at the clock.
Wondering when you're coming home. Man this cycle has to stop.