Short Stories

~Daddy's Home~

    Rochelle's heart was racing as she parked her car. She had drove around the lot for about five minutes before giving up on getting a closer spot. She smoothed her skirt down as she walked towards the airport. It'd only been one month since she had seen Alex but for Rochelle it felt like an eternity. She couldn't wait to feel his strong arms around her again. Just in the distance she could see him approaching from terminal B. Again her heart was pounding so loud in her ear she could barely think.
    Alex finally spotted her and picked up his pace. Seeing his tall frame in his navy uniform made Rochelle's breath catch in her throat. How could it be possible that he looked even sexier than the last time she saw him. She ran to him.

"I missed you." They said in unison as Alex dropped his bags and scooped her into his arms. Their lips remained locked as he slowly lowered her to the ground.
"Let's go." Alex picked up his bags again and took her hand.

    As they found their way back to her car an idiot sped through the parking lot and when he he passed the couple Rochelle's skirt flew up. Alex was just a few steps behind her enough to catch a full glimpse of the rounded globes of her ass barely covered by a soft baby pink thong. Alex inhaled sharply as he imagined the things he was going to do to his sweet Rochelle.

"What a moron." Rochelle rolled her eyes. "I forgot how to get to your house by the way." Rochelle laughed as she went to unlock the door to her car.
"Mm-hmm." Alex looked around and upon determining they were in the clear he dropped his bags and shoved Rochelle against the side of the car.
"Alex!" Rochelle cried out in shock as he raised one of her thighs and ripped her thong to the side.
"Shh." Alex warned her quietly as he shoved his still thickness against her wet opening.

    With his face buried in her neck Alex slowly slid inside her. The feeling of her tight warmth surrounding his solid rod was pure heaven for Alex who hadn't felt a release since their last night together. Rochelle wrapped her arms around her strong lover and bit down on her lip as she was filled with his entire length slowly.

"You were ready for Daddy huh?" Alex whispered sexily into her ear.
"Yes." Rochelle whimpered as her walls stretched.
"It's so fucking tight. Good girl." Alex moaned into her ear.

    Realizing that time wasn't exactly on there side there out in the open Alex picked up the pace, thrusting inside her faster and deeper. Rochelle tried her best to keep her sounds inaudible but the more Alex dug into her the harder it was. Feeling so wrapped up in the moment Alex grabbed her other thigh so that both of her legs were wrapped around him. He plunged inside her with complete abandon as both of their climaxes inched closer. Rochelle felt that familiar almost butterfly like feeling in the pit of her stomach.

"Alex!" She yelled as she dug her nails into his back.
"Not yet. Not yet!" Alex commanded as he slammed into her so hard the car was now beginning to rock.
"Oh my God Alex I love you!" Rochelle gasped as the words escaped from her mouth, as those words had never been exchanged between the two.

    It must have been something about hearing her say it for the first time that triggered something in Alex because as he gripped her tightly, he came harder and more deeply than he ever had before. He kept her pinned to the car for a few moments. Finally when he could stand to move again he let her down. Sweat beads had formed on both of their foreheads. Alex stared at Rochelle, who still seemed in shock, and then placed a short sweet kiss on her lips.

"I love you too." Then he placed a deeper kiss on her lips. "And if I don't do this now I don't know when I will because...well you make me nervous as hell." He laughed.
"What?" Rochelle laughed.
"Rochelle Jones," Alex got down on one knee. "Anyone who does what you just did to me I can't let them go, and I won't. So will you be mine from now until forever?"
"Are you serious?" Rochelle clutched her hands to her chest.
"Come on now beautiful."
"Abso-fucking-lutely." Rochelle bent down to kiss him,
"Hot damn! She's all mine!" Alex picked her up and yelled to the world.

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