Monday, January 21, 2013

Getting Insights from Literary Vets

Tonight on AAMBC Radio we were discussing Marketing and Branding yourself as an author. Anyone who didn't listen in on tonight's show missed out big time! But don't worry I got ya ^_~ Lemme run down a few of the most important things to make sure that you know according to two of the veterans of the game Tamika Newhouse and Authoress Anna Black

First of all when you are marketing and networking on Facebook
DON'T just think it is okay to plug your info onto anyone's page or group
     *You'll piss people off
     *Its called having common courtesy
     *Its just not very professional
DON'T tag multiple people when advertising your book cover
    *If they have nothing to do with your book they shouldn't be tagged
DON'T just let Facebook be your only social media outlet if you can help it.
    *You want people to be able to find you on multiple sites
    *The more your name is out there the more likely it is that your sales will go up

Now what should you do?
      *Know who you are trying to reach
      *Understand that not everyone is going to buy your book, accept it
      *Always be looking for blogs or websites or book-clubs to feature your book. You have to be social, BIG THING TO REMEMBER. Think even bigger if you can maybe try local radio or a local paper or something but just grind every day to find more sources for exposure. Maybe even keep business cards handy to hand out to people in case they want you for an event or something.
      *Be organized. Always have a game plan. Know what you are going to do and when.

Here are a few sites that Tamika Newhouse (Best-selling author, Vibe Vixen, business extraordinaire) thinks every author should be involved with

Twitter                                                                            My twitter is @AuthorMariposa
Instagram                                                                                              MariposaUrbana
Zite                        (Anyone know how this works?)

But for an more in depth view on the whole discussion listen to the show
here>> The Facebook Author (Free Advice)

So toodles for now and happy hustling 

Fitspo+Jogging playlist

Today I found myself running longer than expected. It really is true that your mind will tell you to stop long before your legs do. Call me crazy but I actually look forward to that next moment of "I can't take another step", just to prove to myself that I can ^_~ anywho more jogging inspo

Jogging playlist
Beyonce-Run The World
Rihanna- Suck my cockiness
Nicki Minaj- I get crazy
Any type of dub step
Beyonce- countdown
Hector Lavoe- mi gente
Jowell y Randy- Perreame ;)

Yes you CAN have a cookie!

Okay so check it out for this recipe all you need are two ingredients: 1 medium sized banana (one thats turning brown) 1/2 cup of oats.
For my own personal spin on it I added coconut sugar ^_~
Mix them together (I used a fork) then pop them in the oven for fifteen minutes and tada! Yummy cookies!!!! Then i added a sprinkle of stevia on top ;)

Mash the oatmeal and banana in a bowl

And then

Khloe *sweetheart* Kardashian gets at her h8trs

Its annoying and rude the way people make up lies about folks. And *rolling eyes* I can't stand it that even when you read an article about her they always have to throw in her camera hungry sister in there somewhere. Pshhhh....anyway check out the link to thearticle below.
Enough Is Enough - Khloe Kardashian official web site