Sunday, October 21, 2012


When I saw the posting for the 2012 Black Girls Rock show I figured it would be a great time for us all to get together and chit chat it out
-Talk about the show
-Talk about how strong us women are
-Grow our bond as black women
-Most importantly take some time to reflect on our true values

In this day in age sometimes its easy to forget just who you are and what you stand for =/ So join us November 4th to talk it out during the show.

 Still need some motivation?? Welllllll......The boss lady herself Tamika Newhouse will be sponsoring a giveaway to a few lucky winners who will be announced during the show/chat. So hang on in there chicas!

There are quite a few ways you can win
1: Simply agreeing to participate in the event

2: Join our street team!
          E-mail: with Street Team as the subject and I'll give you details

3: Lastly show us your Fresh to Delph Swag
       We're going to host a fresh to "Delph" contest which is basically you showing us how you rock a particular style.

So...that's it.

Give me a follow on twitter @AuthorMariposa or shoot me an email with your questions. ^_~

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