Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Meet Ms Sarah Dudley....#WeRock

She was born to mixed parents in New Berne, North Carolina in 1868. Her father Edward Dudley was a slave who was freed by his maternal grandfather but in that same year of 1843 he and his mother were sold back into slavery since his grandfather died before they were emancipated.  Sarah had 5 children of her own with her husband Charles Pettey and died 6 years after him in 1906 at the age of 37. She went to various schools as she grew up and became a teacher afterwards. She was outspoken on female equality with men and believed that women were important for people of color who were seeking equality. When she spoke to audiences with her husband who was a bishop in the AME Zion Church she apparently read papers she wrote up and recited to these audiences which were titled  "Woman the Equal of Man" and "Woman's Suffrage". 

Now here's a little something for us. Be sure to share it with a younger sister. I'm sure its something she needs to hear: 

Meet Sarah

My fave excerpts: 

To meet this criticism the Negro must establish a character of high morals, which will stand out so conspicuously that even his bitterest foe will acknowledge its reality. In establishing this our women must lead. It must be understood that their virtue is as sacred and as inviolate as the laws of the eternal verities.

 Our young women must be taught that gorgeous dress and fine paraphernalia don't make a woman.

  Woman's power is her love. This pure flame lights up all around her

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