Friday, October 12, 2012

A letter to the lost....from a frustrated friend

Once again yet another teen has killed themselves due to bullying. We as a whole have got to do better. Regardless of how you're feeling or what people say, taking your own life or even the life of the person who is bullying you isn't the answer. I'm personally pleading with every single kid out there who feels like they've reached the end of their rope. Just don't do it! Trust me I've been there too. I've wanted nothing more than all the pain and hurt that I was dealing with at the time to just go away. But I knew that I was put on this earth for something greater. God makes no mistakes. We are all put on this Earth for a reason. You can't miss out on what you were meant to do just because some idiot says things about you. I know you're parents may not agree but every now and then you have to stand your ground and tell em to "Go to hell!" You are so much stronger than you think. Don't let them win by defeating you to that low of a level.  So regardless of if you're different, too smart for them, or simply too unique you are perfect just the way you are and never ever let anyone tell you otherwise, ok? If you've ever felt some kind of way about what someone may have said or done to you I apologize on behalf of whatever idiot has done you wrong. Just please don't make that mistake of robbing the world of the gift of your life. I may be just some stranger but if you need an ear email me, I'll let you vent as long as you need. Or just google no bullying you can find sooo many sources for people to talk to. It will be ok, I promise =)
And if nobody has told you today that they love you today


And for you scum aka bullies you should be beyond ashamed of yourselves. And a little FYI from someone who's grown bullying gets you no where in life later on. If you think that talking about someone or spreading a mean rumor makes you look better think again! Sure your other friends may smile and laugh and maybe even go along with it but at the end of the day they all think you are a lowlife little scum just like I do. So if you are the bully knock it off! It's not funny, its not cool, it won't get you a great job later on in life. You're an animal! Don't take your personal failures and shortcomings out on someone else who in all aspects is better off than you are. Get a life! If anyone is a loser/dork/nerd/wimp/failure its YOU! What makes you think that you're so great that you can talk about anyone else. I guarantee if we took a close look at you we'd find all kinds of messed up things. And then what are you gonna say and do when you bully a kid to the point where they want to die? Saying I'm sorry can't save a life! What will it take to get through to you ignorant people!? Grow up and get a life! 

Mariposa Urbana

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