Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Random fussing and stuff

Today is starting off beyond stressful! For one all my daughter is doing today is crying! I'm about ready to pull my hair out. Surely it can't be just my kid that does this stupid mess. For everything I tell her she cries. Then when she got done eating her French Toast she started just squishing it between her hands. And now even as I'm trying to de-stress by just blogging it out she's climbing all over me like she doesn't have good sense! I swear if ever I had been thinking about going back to work it would be now. But then every time I mention it to my husband he pretty much thinks that doing so would just be money going straight to daycare. Son of a b***h! I can't handle this mess. She is driving me up a damn wall almost literally.

Then on top of that my hubby and I agreed to let one of his co-workers stay here for a few days until his apartment is ready.....For starters I agreed for one damn person to come then at the last minute he throws in "Oh yeah do you mind if my girl chills here while I'm at work?" This ain't no damn daycare! So here comes Ken and Barbie. But the good thing is that when the guys go off to work she's never really here. Kinda rude actually. When she is here she doesn't try to converse or anything she just sits there and wow you pretty much are just gonna sit here and be all weird? Ok buddy. Hurry the hell up with that apartment! Or when she does talk shes like "well don't you ever get bored over here? Just sitting at home all the time?" It's called I don't HAVE to work. Don't get mad at me because my husband is higher ranking than yours. We live in Beeville jackass what the hell do you expect? And on top of that I'm a mother, my kid comes above everything so miss me with that bullshit. And as long as I have a damn good man who is taking care of me and our daughter with extra money to B.S. with hell naw I don't care about being bored for a few hours! Teenagers are so damn annoying....ooh lordy! I tell you I am praying that their apartment is ready today >_< Don't get me wrong I had my daughter at 18 but still my way of thinking was still way more on track than this dummy. Her man's gonna be beating that ass once he finds out she spent up all the money they saved just because she's "bored" lol. Silly silly girl. ;p feels good to rant blog every now and then.

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