Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Sneak peak of **Jane of All Trades**

Scene intro: After Kat's married lover sees her talking to another man he gets jealous and tries to get her to leave with him. Kat's enjoying knowing that Angel (her lover) is jealous and wants to stay to rub it in. Angel isn't having it so he picks her up and carries her away to the car........

“Get in.” He instructed as he walked around to his side of the car.
“No.” My reign of sassy continued.
“Damnit Katerlina!” He stomped back around to me, opened the door, and shoved me into the car.
The entire ride to my place I had nothing to say and neither did he. Neither of us wanted to break our scowls to express our frustration with the other. I nearly jumped out of the car when we got into the driveway because I wanted to get away from him quickly. I stormed up the walkway ignoring my nosy neighbor’s greeting and went inside. I slammed the door behind me. Having a door slammed in his face pissed Angel off even more. He repeated my angry door slam, but with so much force I jumped.
“So this is what we do now?” He grabbed my shoulder and forced me to look at him.
“What? I was going to get a smoothie.”
“You know what I mean. What were you doing talking to Jose?”
“He ran into Gerald and me when he was getting the ball from the game. Anyway, what’s it to you? I was only going to walk with him to the smoothie bar. Unlike you, son of a bitch, I’m not still fucking my ex!” I screamed to the top of my lungs like I wanted the world to hear.
“I slipped up once and I swore it would never happen again. I’ve been home every night since then. Oh, but you wouldn’t know that would you? Where in the hell have you been these past few days?” It was now his turn to yell.
“I’ve been doing me.” And with that I walked away. I was done.
“Doing me? Oh you mean hooking up with my friends when my back is turned.” I just waved my hand in annoyance at that. “Now you’re quiet. So what was it? You were hurting me for hurting you.”
“Yeah, that’s what I was doing. I was gonna fuck his brains out just like you kept fucking Samantha.” Tears were brimming in my eyes again so I walked away into the sunroom.
Angel followed behind me but for a moment he just stood there glaring at me with his fist clenched by his side. I stared him down unable to determine his next move and when he took another step into the room I flinched. I didn’t have another moment to react because he was in my face. He grabbed me and threw me down onto the wicker sofa.
“Oh, so you were going to let him fuck you?” He asked through gritted teeth, while ripping off my pants and tearing my panties.
“Angel stop it! I wasn’t really going to!” I tried to shove him off.
He placed a rough kiss on my lips to silence my protests. His new found aggression startled me. The more I tried to get him away from me the rougher he got in his attempts to keep me right where I was as he undressed.
“Jose, really?” He wrestled my arms down above my head.
He wrapped his belt around my wrists binding them together then he took the end of the strap and looped through the arm of the chair. He yanked it twice to make sure he had me just as he wanted me. I felt so scared and helpless, yet turned on.
“So you’re gonna give it away?” He ran his hand down in between my thighs.
He paused giving me a smirk, and then he raised my thigh and took the plunge into my wetness. I no longer wanted to fight him. In fact I wanted to be even more vulnerable to his newer, crazier side. With a dick game like this, hell no I’m not giving it away! Now I wore a smirk as I thought to myself.
“Te gusta?” He asked,
“Yes baby I love it!”
Samantha and their baby was now a long forgotten thing as we let our bodies say the things our mouths couldn’t. I was his mind, body, and soul. His thrusts were taking me to the ends of the earth and back. By now he was digging into me so hard the chair had begun to skid across the floor. No matter how much I wanted to stop him or at least get him to ease up on me my hands we’re literally tied. So all I could do was lay there and take the sensual assault on my body. Angel noticed me struggling to free my hands and his excitement intensified.
“Don’t try to get away. Toma!” He whispered roughly into my ear deepening his strokes.
Now my knees were pushed into my chest and I howled. No matter which way I wiggled or squirmed Angel made sure I didn’t give him an inch. As punishment for my futile escape attempts he lowered my legs but straddled my face. His caramel rod of steel was gagging me as he held the back of my head and slid in and out my mouth. I’d never been into this sort of kinky shit, but the passion in Angel had me convinced. I’d never been handled so brutally yet delicately, all at the same time before and it was definitely getting me off.
Finally, he gave one more deep stroke to my mouth and I felt a hot liquid hitting the back of my throat. He looked down at me and without saying a word he commanded me to do what he wanted. Though I could hardly breathe, I wrapped my mouth around him and swallowed as his spasms continued.  He gave an approving smile as he looked down at me. I was panting like a wild creature and my eyes were watering. I actually felt a little violated.
“I’m moving back into the bedroom.” He stated while he untied me. Then he just walked off leaving me sitting there rubbing my sore wrists.

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