Friday, January 30, 2015

Alot....and I do mean ALOT has changed.

Hmm lets see in the past year I've been through a lot of shit. Lost a husband and the lifestyle of a worry free housewife, gone through 3 jobs, one in an 'alternative' environment and somehow managed to write another banger. I'll go into  detail in all of it in my next book but for now stay tuned and keep it posted on my blog, FB, and instagram too keep up with me and see whats new and maybe sneak in a laugh or two <3

So here's what I've got now

She's The Man! <3

To all of her friends Kat is no different than any other woman. She's a hardworking business woman always on the grind and occasionally she manages to squeeze in a relationship. But there is also a different and much darker side to the seemingly innocent Kat. She has a seemingly unbreakable tie to the drug kingpin Lupe who runs her city with an iron fist. With each step she tries to take forward and away from him and the lifestyle he lives, she gets sucked in deeper. Balancing this double life gets even more difficult when she meets Angel. The two bump into each other at an amusement park and suddenly Kat is seeing life through new eyes. She falls in love fast and hard. Being with him pushes her to want to walk away from it all for good and start over. She doesn't get far before the streets are knocking on her front door reminding her of who she truly is. Trying to continue her normal life and hide Lupe from Angel and the rest of the world proves to be a bit too much for the orphaned Kat. All things past and present come to light and Kat realizes she has to choose. What will she choose, Lupe and the game or herself? 

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