Monday, October 26, 2015

Today in Idiot News!

So when idiots attack....someone loses a tongue?

 Kudos to the brave woman from SC who fought this little ass off as best as she could. When the victim answered her door the 16 year old rapist was allegedly standing there with a 13 inch knife. He scooped up the woman and carried her into her bedroom where later she was able to escaped when he shoved his tongue in her mouth, the victim then bit down onto his tongue until she heard a snap and then made her escape. Wow! Eww.  This is really ridiculous. With all the whores and 'thots" around you really have to try taking it from someone? Its disgusting. And to make matters worse the criminal was later caught when his MOM called 911 for him reporting that his tongue was missing.  The 16 year old will be tried as an adult.

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