Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Return of The Lover

Just something that was in my mind 

~Return of the lover~

❤️Another day another dollar
❤️ you'd think after yesterday's mistakes I'd be a little smarter
❤️ but back into the trap I fall, Alice down the rabbit hole
❤️ I'm my happiest with you, but damn, this shit is getting old 
Your opening statement, I'm sorry, damn that was bold
❤️ just one kiss from your lips and I'm sold
❤️ It was never supposed to be this easy
❤️ for you to just smile and lie and deceive me
❤️ I say "baby where you been?"
❤️ I hear your voice and I want the lies to end
❤️ Fuck it I'm done with this shit
❤️ One last time, a hit and quit
❤️ But then you get that look in your eye
❤️ The one that shows only truth, no lies
❤️ Here we go again little brown girl lost
❤️ She fell for the charms and looks, careless of the cost
❤️ Is this what it's always gonna be?
❤️ I got you but...who's got me? 💔

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