Monday, August 27, 2012

LHHA Reunion Pt 1 Mariposa's 2 cents

Mannnnn I had a freaking blast today watching the show and chatting it up with other people on twitter. I'm officially ride or die for Joseline now. She was so real and street. There is clearly no shame in her game. She even wants to start some type of informative organization for young women. I love it.  As the ghetto little girl in The Babysitter said she lets her haters be her motivators Ha-ha! Me encanta! And word is now (Joseline said) that she will have a video out to show how to get a body like hers. Well if that includes a super donk like hers then well I think I might have to cop that. ~_^ Oh and she sung live on the after show chat so she can actually sing. (Not all performers these day can tsk tsk) Qualities to be admired <3

As always Mimi looked gorgeous. You gotta respect her too (not for how weak she was with Stevie of course) but the way she answered questions. She was very poise and statuesque. Lots of young ratchets in hoods around America need to get on Mimi status and think about their actions before they do anything stupid. Like she said she's a mom so ultimately its a good look to keep it cool when things get heated and to NOT "Bash Joseline in the eye" as the ratchet mom on the after show chat suggested. That's about all though...

Stevie....lord have mercy.... There will probably be a new song out tomorrow called the "get on my bus" song or something. Lol he was wilding on the chat. But once he stood up and took his shirt off...I dunno. That might explain Mimi's slight dumbness. Woot! Woot! Lol.I will most definitely take a pass on his (money) bus =) Dude is about his chips as he stated over and over in between kisses. (on Spreecast)

Scrappy was my fave on the actual reunion special though. Especially the look on his face when someone asked about the fight and what his PO had to say about it. Lol you gotta protect your mouth on that subject bro bro ha-ha!

Can't wait for the next part of the reunion. I hope no one asks K. Michelle anything because we all know where thats gonna go.....Its hard to like here when she acts so crazy all the time. Shes so pretty and talented yet when she opens her mouth that all gets jacked up. Not a good look mami uh-uh. Question why was Ariane even there though. Like no offense but..why?  Definitely exciting to see what Benzino may have to say. It was kinda sad watching when they showed the scene when he was about to propose to Karlie. BITCH ALERT went off big time. He looked so...adorable/sad. Karlie effed up big time man. Until next time ~_^

Stay fresh to Delph (Mispell intended)


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